Friend or Foe? [TV Series] (2002)

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Friend or Foe was one of a handful of "original" programs seen on cable TV's Game Show Network, a service otherwise devoted to such reruns as Match Game, What's My Line?, and Jackpot. Essentially, the object of the game was to determine whether or not a player could trust his or her partner, or vice versa. From the pool of daily contestants, three chose three potential partners, casting their ballots in secret after being apprised of the past mistakes and peccadilloes of the candidates. Once the three playing pairs were established, elimination rounds were played until only one couple was left. Said couple moved to the "Trust Box," where each player had to determine if the other was a "Friend" or "Foe." If both voted "Friend," they could keep the earnings already accrued; if both voted "Foe," they lost everything; and if the vote was split, the one who voted "Foe" got the whole pot. Clear as glass? Hosted by former MTV vee-jay Kennedy, Friend or Foe? debuted June 3, 2002.