Fortunate Youth (1916)

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After suffering his stepfather's abuse, Paul (Wilmuth Merkyl) runs away from home. He winds up in London, where a young Sunday School teacher helps him get a start in life. First he becomes a model, then an actor, then finally runs for Parliament. His opposition is Silas Finn (Williahm Cohill), an older, self-made businessman. Finn asks Paul to withdraw from the race, and when he refuses, he reveals himself to be Paul's father, who has been paroled from prison and worked his way up under an assumed name. Paul hangs in and is elected, while his father, who has become sick, lays dying. On election night, Paul brings a cheering crowd over to Finn's deathbed, so he will think he won. Then, after his father's death, he runs into the Sunday School teacher and proposes. This picture was loosely based on a novel by William J. Locke.