Forbidden Room (1919)

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Stenographer Ruth Lester (Gladys Brockwell) changes jobs because of the unwanted advances of her boss, the chief of police (Harry Dunkinson). She goes to work instead for Anthony Curtis, the district attorney (William Scott). Anthony and Ruth become friendly, and she goes with him on a fishing trip, but in her official capacity. It is all innocent enough until Ruth slips and Anthony catches her. As he holds her he tells her that he loves her. Henchmen of the police chief -- who Anthony is trying to oust -- have been waiting in the bushes for this, and they snap some pictures. The photograph is published in the newspapers, causing a municipal scandal. Anthony accuses Ruth of being in league with the police chief. Ruth vindicates herself, however, by an elaborate scheme. She gets a crony of the chief's, Mason Clark (J. Barney Sherry), alone in a hotel room, and arranges it so that they are arrested for violating the hotel ordinance. Then she offers to save the situation if Clark, in turn, states that her photo with Anthony was a frame-up. Clark agrees and Ruth explains the situation to the court's -- and Anthony's -- satisfaction. Thus the bad guys wind up getting the heave-ho and Ruth and Anthony win the day. The story for this Fox feature was written by future film director W.S. Van Dyke.