For Valour (1917)

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'Melia Nobbs (Winifred Allen) does her best to keep a home for her invalid father (Henry Weaver), a Canadian war veteran, and her brother Henry (Richard Barthelmess). Eventually, Henry gets a job in a law office in Toronto, but he becomes ashamed of his shabby home and poor background. He leaves his father and sister and becomes engaged to one of the office stenographers, Alice Davis (Mabel Ballin). When the Great War breaks out, he feels that he is above enlisting, and in an effort to make up for his paltry wages, he gambles with the firm's money and loses. He goes to 'Melia for help, and she gets money by stealing from the prima donna who performs at the burlesque house where she occasionally works. She gives the money to Henry on the condition that he enlist. He does and becomes a hero, losing his arm in the process. He returns home to recover and finds his sister in a prison hospital -- she has been arrested for her theft and has suffered a nervous breakdown. But she's happy at the sight of her brother's medal of valor and the knowledge that she helped him become a man.