For the Freedom of Ireland (1920)

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In 1920, Ireland was in the midst of fighting for freedom from British rule. This propaganda film favored the liberationists, and it was set a few years before 1920, when one of the Sein Feiners' leaders, American-born Eamon deValera, was imprisoned. Robert Corrigan (Vincent Coleman), an American of Irish birth, returns to Ireland to help his fellowmen in their struggle for liberation, though he is captured by His Majesty's guardsmen shortly after his arrival in Adair. He and an old woman, who has been loyal to the Sein Feiners, are sentenced to die. One of Corrigan's associates shows up with a fake bomb and rescues them. Soon, Corrigan's sweetheart Kathleen arrives from America, and his enemies capture her, hoping that he will come for her. Their plan is successful and they capture him, even though Kathleen escapes. Eventually Corrigan is freed, and he follows deValera to the States, where they drum up support for a free Ireland.