For Sale (1918)

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Although Hamilton (Creighton Hale), is in love with Dorothy, his stenographer (Gladys Hulette), she prefers one of the office clerks, Jim. But Jim is a dishonest sort, who steals money from the company to fund his gambling, and then finds himself in a fix. He convinces Dorothy to borrow funds from Hamilton on his behalf so he can go West "for his heath." This she does, but later on, after Jim is long gone, Hamilton discovers why he really left. He says nothing to Dorothy, however. Then her brother is seriously injured in a car accident, and she marries Hamilton purely for financial reasons. She's convinced she still loves Jim, but when he hears of her marriage, he returns purely to blackmail her. They argue, and Dorothy calls for her husband to protect her. He does, and as the two men struggle, Jim leaps out the window -- right into the waiting arms of a pair of cops. He gets jail time, and Dorothy finally realizes she actually loves her husband-of-convenience.