Folly of Youth (1925)

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Bootleg gin and beautiful women forced into lives of crime were the main ingredients in this long-lost melodrama from low-budget Sable Productions. Evelyn Cartwright (Gertrude Astor) almost dies from drinking bootleg gin and her brother Robert (Gaston Glass) determines to put a stop to the illegal and dangerous trade. Through Jimmy Adler (Eric Mayne), a captured gang member, Robert is able to track down the bootlegger, one Lee Haynes (Noah Beery), whose wife Leona (Hedda Nova) repents when confronted with the deathly ill Evelyn. Leona, in fact, is so overcome with grief that she willingly helps Robert get the goods on her crooked husband. Jimmy, meanwhile, manages to alert Lee, who has Robert and Leona kidnapped. Although tied and gagged, Leona is able to send a message via the wireless and the crooks are apprehended. Directed by writer/editor George Hively, Folly of Youth also featured well-known silent screen villain William V. Mong.