Flower of Faith (1916)

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Flower of Faith was scripted by Will Hough, heretofore best known for his Chicago-based musical-comedy extravaganzas. The heroine, Rose Payne, is inordinately fond of roses, even though a fairy has appeared in a vision to warn her that the red-hued flowers will bring the girl as much pain as pleasure. Heading to the Big City, Rose is hired by a stockbroker, who tries to lure the girl into his clutches with a bouquet of roses. The broker's wife intervenes, and Rose is summarily fired. Later on, she is hired as a model by a painter, whose portrait of the girl he titles (what else?) "The Rose." Alas, what seems to be an idyllic relationship is spoiled when the painter tries to rape our heroine. Reduced to begging on the streets, the girl steals a rose from a florist's shop, and is promptly arrested. During her trial, a spectator takes pity on Rose and invites her to his house for dinner. Unfortunately, her benefactor is shot in a lover's quarrel, whereupon Rose finds her face plastered on the front page of every tabloid in the city. At the end of her rope, Rose attempts suicide but is rescued by wealthy Howard Payne, who, by a bizarre coincidence, is the hometown sweetheart that the girl left behind several reels earlier. It turns out that Howard has never forgotten the girl, and in fact is the current possessor of her painted portrait "The Rose." At long last, a "rose" proves lucky for the heroine, and the film ends happily (whew!)