Flower of Doom (1917)

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The convoluted story for this Chinatown drama was written by Rex Ingram, who also directed -- and it's surprisingly shoddy material from this renowned filmmaker. Even though he is innocent, Charley Sing (Frank Tokonaga) is arrested for the murder of a rival Tong. He is released when political intrigue intervenes, and journalist Harvey Pearson (M.K. Wilson) writes a sob story about the situation. Harvey is romancing Neva Sacon, a cabaret dancer (Gypsy Hart), and he takes her down to Chinatown. He has given her a silver poppy which he obtained during his research, and it just happens to be the symbol of Sing's Tong. Ah Wong, a member of Sing's rival gang (Gordo Keeno) sees it and kidnaps Neva. To get her back, Pearson kidnaps Ah Wong's wife, Tea Rose (Yvette Mitchell), while Sing writes a note in Chinese suggesting that the two women be exchanged. That is done, and Pearson proposes to Neva, who accepts. Tea Rose, meanwhile, has plans to run off with Paul Rasnov (Nicholas Dunaew), a Russian dope fiend. Ah Wong, however, discovers her plans and strangles her to death. Then he dies in a struggle with Rasnov, who dissolves his own woes in opium smoke.