Flaming Youth (1923)

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This picture practically defined the Roaring Twenties and shot Colleen Moore to superstardom. Because she is neglected by her husband (Phillips Smalley), Mona Fentriss (Myrtle Steadman) begins living a frivolous, jazzy lifestyle. Two of her daughters, Connie (Betty Francisco) and Dee (Sylvia Breamer), follow in her footsteps and make unhappy marriages, but Mona tries to instill some sort of old-fashioned values in her youngest daughter, Pat (Moore). Heart trouble leads Mona to an early death, but before she dies, she reveals to her friend, Doctor Bobs (Elliott Dexter), that her one true love was Cary Scott (Milton Sills). Pat grows up to be a jazz baby, but Scott returns and becomes her one stabilizing influence. Although they fall in love, Scott must get a divorce from his estranged wife before they can wed. Pat is hesitant to marry at all because of all the unhappy matches around her. She becomes involved with a violinist who traps her on a yacht and she is forced to jump into the sea to save herself. She becomes gravely ill and Doctor Bobs and Scott do what they can to bring her back from the brink. It's the spirit of her mother, however, which really saves Pat so that she can recover and marry Scott.