Flaming Omen (1917)

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Watkins, an English prospector, goes to Peru and gets involved with an Incan woman, Coya (Clara King). He abandons her, and she commits suicide after having a baby. The baby is found by Lord Haviland (Otto Lederer), who is looking over some land that he owns. He adopts the boy, who grows up as Dorian (Alfred Whitman) and eventually inherits the Lord Haviland title. Watkins, meanwhile, has gone back to England, gotten married, and had a daughter, Violet, who is now Dorian's sweetheart. An Incan girl, Blanca (Mary Anderson), visits the Haviland estate, and she falls in love with Dorian. When he goes to Peru with Watkins and Violet, she comes along too. An Incan chieftain, Natche, is jealous because Blanca loves Dorian, and he raids the camp where the white people are staying. Watkins is shot, but before he dies, he confesses that Dorian and Violet are actually half-brother and sister. It turns out not to matter, because Violet dies, too. With everyone else gone, Dorian, who now knows he is a half-breed, winds up with Blanca. Mary Anderson's credibility as a native girl was hampered by her big blue eyes. Alfred Whitman was billed in prior films as Alfred Vosburgh.