Five Faults of Flo (1916)

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The story to this picture was told in five parts, each of them one reel apiece and illustrating one of Flo's five faults: pride, covetousness, fickleness, extravagance and jealousy. Since Flo comes from a good family, pride keeps her from accepting a girl of humble background (Grace deCarlton) into her circle. When she sees the pain it causes the girl, Flo is cured of her pride. Then, when she reaches debutante status, Flo covets a famous diamond. When it turns up missing, she is believed to be the culprit. But before she is completely disgraced, the real thief is found; Flo no longer covets. When she gets engaged to a young man (Harris Gordon), Flo's fickleness inspires her to go on a drive with an irresponsible young millionaire (Samuel Niblack). His drunken driving endangers her, but her fiancé saves her in the nick of time. With that, she stops being fickle. Then her extravagance brings her father (Ernest Howard) to ruin. When his wealthy brother is found dead, he is accused of the murder. The real killer -- the gardener -- is found just in the nick of time and this halts her extravagance. Lastly, as a young married woman, she becomes jealous when she spies on her husband and sees him giving money to a strange woman. It turns out that he's paying off his brother's gambling debts. The place is raided and Flo and her husband just barely escape. This cures her of her jealously which, presumably, leaves Flo fault-free.