Fists and Fodder (1920)

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Jesse Robbins, who oversaw Charles Chaplin's films for Essanay, directed this Jimmy Aubrey comedy, which has something of a Chaplinesque feel about it. Aubrey plays a tramp whose thieving ways are cured by a pretty settlement worker (Dixie Lamont), who convinces him to go straight. Still hungry, the tramp sits down at a food-laden table only to discover that the family who is sitting down to eat is about to be evicted for non-payment of rent. The landlord (Oliver Hardy) hires Jimmy to help him oust the unwanted tenants. Jimmy, however, takes pity on them and steals the money from the landlord to help them pay the rent. Later, he saves the settlement worker from a kidnap attempt and she has him over for dinner to reward him. Unfortunately, it turns out that her father is the mean landlord. The landlord goes after Jimmy, but his punches are thrown wild and hit everything but his target. Finally he knocks down a post that supports the house and it comes crashing down.