Final Closeup (1919)

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Nora Nolan (Shirley Mason) is a clerk in a department store. One very hot day she faints and is told by the store's doctor to take a vacation. On her measly salary, she can't afford to do this, but a reporter, Jimmie Norton (Francis McDonald) hears of her plight and sends her 200 dollars (a nice sum in those days). He's the son of a rich man, so he has the means to do this. So Nora goes to a fashionable seaside resort and Jimmie follows soon after, having been fired from his job. Because of his well-to-do background, he's considered a catch by the vacationing society girls and one in particular, Emily Westervelt-Moore (Betty Bouton) wants to get her hands on him. He fancies Nora, of course, so Emily tries to pin a rash of thefts on the girl. But Nora figures out a way to catch the real crooks and holds them at bay with a frying pan until help comes. After that, Jimmie proposes to Nora. This was a pleasant, though not particularly distinguished romantic comedy, based on a story by Royal Brown which appeared in Red Book magazine.