Filling His Own Shoes (1917)

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Bryant Washburn stars in this light comedy. William Ruggles (Washburn) is a clerk at an American-owned shoe store in Paris. His modest job does not impress the two girls he likes, Ruth Downing (Hazel Daly), the daughter of his employer, and art student Dorthea Westbrooke (Lyda Dalzell). While Dorthea turns him down flat, Ruth encourages him to seek out bigger and better things. Ruggles tries, but circumstances force him to join the Turkish forces in the Balkan war. When he rescues a Turkish military chief, the dying man bequeaths him a fortune and three girls from his harem, which Ruggles must marry off. He takes the girls -- Roxana (Virginia Valli), Rosa (Helen Ferguson), and Bulbul (Louise Long) -- to Paris to find them mates. Bulbul decides she wants Ruggles and causes a lot of trouble between him and Ruth. Finally, all three harem girls are married off to titled Europeans, and Ruggles is able to wed Ruth.