Fighting Foodons [Animated Series] (2002)

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One of several Japanese animé series seen on the Fox Network's "Fox Box" Saturday a.m. lineup during the 2002-2003 season, Fighting Foodons was originally titled Food Feud. The plot was set in motion when insane master chef King Gorge mixed up several bad ingredients to create an army of killer foods called the Gluttons. With the help of his big four -- Rose Marinade, Clawdia, Cinnamonkey, and Grill -- Gorge and his munchable minions prepared to wreak havoc on the restaurants of the world. Ah, but the villains had not reckoned with good-guy Master Chef Jack, nor with Jack's feisty offspring, ten-year-old Chase and eight-year-old Kayla (who had the unique gift of being able to memorize everything she'd ever eaten). Armed with their MAC (Mobile Attack Cuisine) cart and dozens of magical Meal Tickets, and working hand-in-glove with assistant cooks Pie Tin and Albert (not to mention resident "wise man" Oslo), Chase and Kayla endeavored to make the world safe for the Blue Plate Special. It was french fries vs. pizza and spaghetti vs. peanut butter on this delightfully wacked-out cartoon concoction, which made its American TV bow on September 14, 2002.