Feud (1919)

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The only thing that made this particular feud picture stand out from any others is that it starred Tom Mix. Two Southern clans, the Lynches and the Summers, have been at odds with each other since long before Civil War times. But that hasn't stopped Jere Lynch (Mix) and Betty Summers (Eva Novak) from falling in love. When their families find out about the romance, they try to put an end to it, resulting in a duel between Betty's brother Ben (Lloyd Bacon) and Jere's father, who is killed. Jere shoots Ben dead and flees to the West, promising to send for Betty. But Jere's sister Mary (Claire McDowell) writes him and says that Betty has married someone else; she then tells Betty that Jere is dead. This breaks up the romance, and Jere marries Ray Saunders (Jean Calhoun), whom he saved from an Indian attack, while Betty weds her cousin, Cal Brown (Joseph Bennett). Jere and Ray die as the result of a massacre, and their son is raised as John Smith (to be played as an adult by Mix). Betty's daughter -- also her namesake (and played by Novak) -- comes west, and she and John fall for each other. Only after they marry do they discover the story of their parents. When the young couple have a child, the feud is finally put to rest.