Feud Girl (1916)

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The classic tale of feuding families is the basis for this silent film. A transportation company wants to buy Iron Mountain in Georgia but can't get the pair of warring families who own it to agree on a price. A young surveyor at the firm, Dave Rand (Irving Cummings), offers to go down and negotiate with the two clans, the Haddons and the Bassetts. Rand is actually one of the Bassetts, but he ran away because of the feud. Changing his name is apparently enough to keep anyone from recognizing him, and the Haddon girl, Nell (Hazel Dawn), falls in love with him without even realizing that they were childhood sweethearts. Marlowe (George Majeroni), the company's vice president, tells the head Haddon, Judd (Hardee Kirkland) that if Nell marries a Bassett, it will end the feud. Judd likes the idea, but Nell balks and insists that if she has to, she will marry her cousin Luke (Arthur Morrison) to avoid marriage to a Bassett. Luke and Rand end up battling for Nell's hand and Rand wins. They marry, but when Nell finds out that she's been tricked, she leaves him, childhood sweetheart or no. They are reconciled by the last frame, and a child is on the way to complete their happiness.