Feet of Clay (1917)

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Scotland Yard detective Brandsby Morant (Barney Fury) is unable to save his nephew from his involvement with a gang of crooks. The nephew is sent to prison, but he escapes. Mordant travels to America with a companion, Marie Marat (Leona Lorraine), to seek vengeance on the men who ruined his nephew's life. His actions result in the death of one of the men, Adolph Gassner (Frank Erlanger), and mental torture for two others, Phineas Glenister (Charles Elder) and Jefferson Armstrong (Harl McInroy). Glenister and Armstrong have been trying to lead respectable lives, but Mordant kidnaps Glenister's daughter, Dorothy (Margaret Landis), and he reveals her father's nefarious past. But it turns out that Dorothy is actually his nephew's daughter, and Glenister had adopted her in an attempt to put things right. The law is on Mordant's trail, and it is only through Marie's help that he is able to escape to a better life.