Father and the Boys (1915)

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Staid Lemuel Morewood (Digby Bell) is frustrated because neither of his boys are interested in learning how to run his business -- Billy (Harry Ham) has turned into a society gadabout, and Tom (Colin Chase) only cares about sports. And even though Morewood has picked out two young ladies for his boys -- Frances Berkeley (Mae Gaston) and Emily Donelson (Yona Landowska) -- they aren't interested in them, either. Into this situation comes Bessie Brayton, a lively young orphan from the West (Louise Carbasse). Her only possession is half interest in a Nevada mine which she assumes to be worthless. As a result, she makes a living by entertaining society. She meets up with old Morewood and gets him to loosen up -- in fact, his behavior scandalizes Billy's main society contact. Morewood, in turn, helps Bessie out by going with her to Nevada and checking out the mine. His sons, believing that the two of them are going there to get married, follow with Emily, Frances, and their lawyer. By the time they reach their father, they are engaged to the girls and discover that Bessie already has a sweetheart -- the mine's co-owner. The mine turns out to be worth many thousands of dollars, so Bessie stays behind and the Morewoods happily return to New York. Lon Chaney was also cast in a small role. This comedy was adapted from the stage play by George Ade.