Family Guy: The Thin White Line (2001)

Genres - Comedy  |   Sub-Genres - Sitcom [TV]  |   Run Time - 30 min.  |  
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Brian (voice of Seth MacFarlane) tells his shrink that nothing thrills him anymore. He's watched the Behind the Music with Leif Garrett so many times that he's memorized it. It's suggested that Brian needs to think about the needs of others for a change; his shrink recommends volunteer work. He takes a blind man to a movie and describes it to him (clearly, the film is The Blair Witch Project -- "Nothing's happening...something about a map...nothing's's over.") and plays checkers with an old woman. The volunteer work doesn't go too well. But things take a happier turn when Joe (voice of Patrick Warburton) suggests Brian put his talented nose to work for the police. Brian can smell cocaine a mile away, and is soon touring schools as "McGriffin, the Drug Dog." But he soon discovers he has more than a professional interest in the substance. Meanwhile, at the company picnic, Peter (MacFarlane) wins a week's paid vacation. But the Griffins put off their trip to the Bahamas to support Brian as he goes into rehab. Peter is so impressed with the well-appointed Providence Rehab Center ("This is where God would come if he had to stop doing blow!") that he decides to spend his vacation there, posing as a heroin addict. He's a bad influence, luring Brian out of group therapy so they can spy on the pregnant teens across the lake. Brian's therapist at the center tells him that he'll never recover unless he gets away from Peter's negative influence. Brian decides he does need some time away, and takes off for parts unknown. This episode was the first of two parts, concluding with "Brian Does Hollywood."