Faith (1919)

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George Farrelly (Bert Lytell) is in charge of the safe deposit boxes at a bank and it has gotten to the point that he goes about his job automatically. He's but a cog in the wheel of life. One day his girlfriend Charity Garvice (Rosemary Theby) asks a favor of him. Their old school teacher, Martha Owen (Edythe Chapman), is living with Charity and the old lady has a hunch that George is in some sort of trouble. Charity wants him to tell her a story, any old story to satisfy her. So George weaves Martha a yarn about how the bank president's wife (Nancy Chase) left her necklace out of her safe deposit box. George found the necklace and was tempted to cash it in. He didn't but now he thinks it's too late to return it. Martha insists that George must be honest and return the necklace, even if it means he goes to jail. Charity thanks George for his help, and he pulls out the actual necklace -- the story he told was true. And George does return the necklace. At first Mr. Harrington, the bank president (Edwin Stevens), sternly insists that he will press charges, so George marries Charity quickly before he has to face a certain prison sentence. But when he returns, Mr. Harrington admits the whole thing was a set up to test him, and now that he knows he is an honest man, he is promoting George to his assistant and giving him a raise. Even for the less complicated era in which it was made, this morality play came off as too simplistic.