Faith of the Strong (1919)

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Mitchell Lewis was familiar to silent filmgoers for his Canuck roles, and this picture is no exception. Paul LaRue (Lewis) is a rough, lawless character who works at a lumber camp. However, he has a soft spot when it comes to womanhood. Because her father is a drunk, he watches over Babette (Patricia Palmer), who runs wild in the woods, and he saves her from the advances of Jean Follet (Frank Whitson). Follet is an all-around bad character; after the incident with Babette, he goes home to his wife Ena (Gloria Payton) and tells her they are not really married. Ena is pregnant, and after hearing this news, she tries to commit suicide. Meanwhile, Follet has gone and set fire to the church. Against his baser nature, LaRue actually runs in and saves the Bible. He is horribly injured, and is put on a cot next to Ena. When he hears of her plight he offers to marry her to give the unborn child a name, figuring he is going to die anyhow. But he lives and they learn to really love each other. Follet reveals that he and Ena really are legally married but in the end it doesn't matter because when he once again attacks Babette, her wolf dog rips him apart. With the villain gone, LaRue and Ena can be together and all is well in this particular corner of the Canadian Northwest.