Eye of Envy (1917)

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This is one of those allegorical films that frequently popped up in the latter half of the 1910s. Ambition (Crane Wilbur) is a strapping young blacksmith in Sleepy Hollow. One day, he decides to leave his anvil and his girl and head out on the road to Success. Along the way, he meets up with the elderly Avarice (Jode Mullally) and his pretty young bride Innocence (Gene Crosby). Their auto has stalled in a muddy stream, and Ambition rescues Innocence from the car. Later on, he falls asleep and dreams that he has Avarice's wealth, while Avarice has acquired Ambition's handsome young body. Innocence loses respect for the now-avaricious Ambition. When he tries to take her away from a party in a car, it slams into a tree. Avarice finds them and Innocence goes back to him, while Ambition is struck by lighting. Ambition then wakes up, and realizing that it's all a dream, he hightails it back to Sleepy Hollow, his anvil, and his girl.