Excuse Me, Please! (1989)

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Hong Kong comedian Yee Lui took to the director's chair for this jet-black horror-comedy which uses rape, disembowelment, and severed ears as targets for its extremely dark humor. Richard Ng plays Cock, a perennial loser who agrees to pose as a woman and marry a ghost in order to make some money. Some of Cock's friends rape a young woman named Siu-fah and murder her mother, and things aren't likely to get better for Siu-fah in the aftermath. The murderers are free and her stepfather, Taoist Wai (Shum Wai), is planning to sell her to a loan shark to make good on his debts, so Siu-fah is advised to kill herself by some friendly ghosts, returning after a period of seven weeks as a vengeful spirit. Her efforts lead one of her attackers to go insane -- murdering his wife and gutting himself -- and another of the rapists to be burned alive. Cock, meanwhile, is panicked that Siu-fah will think that he was involved in the crime and kill him. She knows he is innocent, however, and helps him to get some revenge of his own. Lee Ching co-stars with Lee Kwok-lun, and the director appears as well.