Epitafios: Episode 002 (2004)

Genres - Comedy  |   Run Time - 60 min.  |  
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Renzo now wants back on the force, but Comisario Jiménez (Luis Luque) blames Renzo (Julio Chávez) for Benitez's death. Renzo convinces Martin (David Masajnik), Benitez's partner, to work with him on the case behind Jiménez's back. They decide to begin by speaking with the parents of the four students who were killed in that tragic incident five years earlier. The first man they speak to, Alberto Gálvez (Óscar Ferreiro), greets them with rifle in hand, and owns two Rottweilers--apparently the same dogs that killed Benitez. He demands to see a lawyer before they can get any more information. Meanwhile, the killer has created the epitaph for his next victim, which reads, "Here lies he who refused to do the right thing at the wrong time." He also calls Laura (Paola Krum) and demands that she rekindle her relationship with Renzo. At first, Laura naturally refuses, but the killer threatens her little boy, Nico (Manuel Segovia), so, terrified, she relents. To complicate matters further, her meddlesome ex-husband, Fernán (Rafael Ferro), turns up, demanding to know if she's been seeing anyone. When the cops return to Gálvez's house, they find that the dogs have been killed and that Gálvez has apparently committed suicide. Jiménez is ready to declare the case closed, but the real killer is busy stalking his next victim, Graciela Bottini (Lucrecia Capello), the clerk from the college who refused to give the fired professor (and eventual hostage-taker), Peñalver (Luis Machin), the severance pay he was owed.