Easy Money (1991)

Countries - Hong Kong   |   MPAA Rating - NR
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Popular Asian pinup queen Amy Yip stars in this low-budget independent comedy from Hong Kong director Ko Sing-pui. The film concerns a trio of unemployed, desperate stooges who get a shady job spying on an heiress named Marilyn who has come to town. In typically farcical fashion, they mistake Marilyn for her friend Susie (Yip), a busty stripper who -- in an in-joke ribbing the actress portraying her -- refuses to strip beyond a certain point. The three men have been hired by the slimy Wong Fee-hung (Gabriel Wong) to photograph Marilyn in some compromising positions so that he can then try to extort some of her inheritance with blackmail. The trouble is that two of the men have fallen in love. Tai (Shing Fui-on) loves the stripper, and Tom (Simon Lui) loves the heiress. Wong's only chance seems to be the greedy Losall (Wan Kwong), who isn't above doing almost anything for a buck. Aside from its main plot, Easy Money (not to be confused with Stephen Shin's 1987 heist romance or Simon Leung's 1994 comedy of the same title) also contains a number of amusing parodies of martial arts films, gangster thrillers, and even A Chinese Ghost Story.