Earthbound (1920)

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Basil King's thought-provoking story was made into a film by the Goldwyn studios. Three men -- Nicholas Desborough (Wyndham Standing), Jim Rittenshaw (Mahlon Hamilton), and Harvey Breck (Lawson Butt) -- have been friends since their college days. Two of them, Desborough and Rittenshaw, believe in the creed, "No God, no sin, no future life," while Breck disagrees with them. Desborough discovers the fallacy of his beliefs through a tragedy -- he has been carrying on with Rittenshaw's wife, Daisy (Flora Revalles). After noticing the suffering of Desborough's wife, Caroline (Naomi Childers), Rittenshaw begins to suspect something is going on. When he has proof, he shoots Desborough at their club. Rittenshaw is put on trial, but refuses to offer a defense that would incriminate his wife. Meanwhile, Desborough's soul is earthbound until he can relieve the suffering he has caused. He haunts Daisy until she goes to the courtroom and testifies. As a result, Rittenshaw is found not guilty, but the couple is still estranged. Desborough then proceeds to haunt all concerned until Caroline forgives him and the Rittenshaws have reconciled. At last he is free from his earthly bonds.