Dream Doll (1917)

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Ruby (Marguerite Clayton) is the daughter of a toy manufacturer (John Cossar). A mad scientist named (appropriately) A. Knutt (Bobby Bolder) claims he has created a potion which can bring dolls to life. When he rushes out to find someone to witness his discovery Ruby passes out from the potion's fumes. One of the dolls that Knutt has brought to life pours some of the potion on Ruby and it turns her into a doll. The pair run away, and when Ruby's father, her fiancé (Rod LaRocque), and Knutt return they find the girl missing. But Ruby is having the time of her life as a doll -- she and the other doll, a boy, use the potion to bring a doll justice of the peace to life and he marries them. Then they go live in a dog house, and the dog brings them food. But while they are wandering around the toy manufacturing plant they discover a bomb set by disgruntled workers. As it goes off, Ruby wakes up -- it was all a dream, inspired by Knutt's ravings.