Draft 258 (1917)

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The patriotic Mary Alden (Mabel Taliaferro) works in a department store with her pacifist brother Matthew (Earle Brunswick) and her sweetheart, John Graham (Walter Miller). German agents (this was, after all, a World War I film) use Matthew for their own ends and ask him to address a supposed "peace" meeting. Mary insists on making a speech there and she harangues the audience with vivid tales of Americans heeding the call to arms throughout history. Her younger brother George (Eugene Borden), who has been drafted, makes sure that she is allowed to talk. But Amiel Van Bierman, the head of the spies, has his henchmen overpower George and kidnap Mary. Matthew finally realizes that he's merely been a tool for the Germans, and when he protests, he is tied up and gagged. George escapes from the Germans and gets soldiers from a nearby army camp to come to the rescue. They capture the agents and free Matthew, who is inspired to enlist. John, now in uniform, is the one who rescues Mary. This, like a previously released picture, The Slacker, was a propaganda film to raise America's fighting spirit during World War I.