Dr. Rameau (1915)

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As a boy, Dr. Rameau (layed by Thomas Carnahan, Jr. as a youth and $Frederick Perry as an adult) suffered a traumatic experience -- while watching his mother (Maym Kelso) being beaten by his drunken father, he prayed for God to protect her. A lightning bolt then struck his mother dead, utterly destroying his faith. He grows up to be a noted surgeon who esteems science over faith. Eventually he weds a woman, Conchita (Dorothy Bernard), who marries him out of gratitude, not love. She has an affair with Munzell, an artist (Stuart Holmes), and bears his child. Rameau believes the girl is his, but after his wife dies and the girl, Adrian (Jean Sothern), is grown up and engaged to be married, he discovers the truth. In a rage, he destroys his apartment and throws Adrian out into a raging storm. She becomes seriously ill and the doctors caring for her cannot cure her. They turn to Rameau, who finally recovers his faith and prays for her to get well. She does, and is reunited with the man who raised her.