Doc (1914)

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Eleanor Gates, who wrote Poor Little Rich Girl, also penned the story for this melodrama. Because of the carelessness of engineer Bill Travers (Herbert Boswick), two men at the Blue Top Quarries are seriously injured. The boss, Eastman (Cyril Chadwick), fires him. With the help of a friend, the vengeful Travers kidnaps Eastman's little boy. Although Eastman manages to shoot Travers' friend, the men get away with the child. Mrs. Eastman (Vivian Blackburn) is overcome with grief, and her husband calls on the local physician, known as Doc (Sidney Seaward). After caring for the woman, Doc finds himself on a strange mission -- Travers asks him to come look in on his friend, but blindfolds him so he won't know the way. Doc makes two trips like this to care for the wounded man, and figures out that they have the Eastman's child. Mr. Eastman tells the sheriff, who arrests Travers, but Travers won't reveal the location of the cabin where the child is. Doc, however, enlists the help of Dolly, the horse he rode to the cabin. Dolly remembers the way, and the boy is recovered. Eastman rewards Doc by giving him a lucrative position as quarry physician, which enables him to marry his sweetheart, Letty (Regina Richards) -- the owner of Dolly.