Divine Sacrifice (1918)

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In this soap opera-like tale, based on a novel by Alma Speer Benzing, Kitty Gordon is miscast once again as a woman with a strong maternal streak. Madeline Spencer (Gordon) is unhappily married to Rupert, an irresponsible gambler (Frank Goldsmith), but when she meets David Carewe (Jean Angelo), a doctor at a children's hospital, she finds a man she can relate to. To complicate matters even more, however, there is a Mrs. Carewe (Celene Johnson) who, in spite of her husband's love for kids, refuses to have any. Mrs. Carewe sails off to Egypt on the same boat as Mr. Spencer and both are reported killed in a fire in Algiers. Madeline and David take the opportunity to get married, but Mrs. Carewe shows up very much alive just as Madeline is about to give birth. David renounces his first wife and decides to continue living with Madeline. This is fine until their daughter June (Vera Beresford) turns eighteen and falls in love with a young man, Robert Spencer (Harry Fraser), who is the son from Rupert Spencer's first marriage (apparently Madeline was his second wife). Being as the 1910s were far more morally restrictive than nowadays, it becomes very important for June to have a "name," so Madeline makes a "divine sacrifice" and gets the first Mrs. Carewe -- who is still technically married to David -- to pose as June's mother. Thus June is given immediate legitimacy and can wed the man of her choice.