Dirty Pair Flash Mission 3: Random Angels: My Boy in Rose Color (1994)

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Kei sees Yuri demurely accompanying a young boy to the park, and when she shows up to rib Yuri a little, she knocks her head right off. Yuri is actually the boy's android companion. Worse still, the boy, Julian, is the grandson of Mr. Winston, a major 3WA contributor who is upset because his grandson is unhappy. Kei and Yuri are given one of the toughest missions of their career: to cheer up Julian, who secretly has a crush on the real Yuri, during the three days it will take to repair the android. Yuri is ordered to be Julian's companion until the android is repaired, a hardship she willingly accepts because the future of the 3WA depends on it -- though the fact that she may eventually get a rich husband out of the deal is also a factor. But as she soon discovers, it's difficult to satisfy someone who idealizes her quite so extremely. (American release in 1998.)