Devil's Prize (1916)

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This melodrama has a soap-opera-like plot and was directed by a woman (a not-uncommon phenomenon in the earlier days of silent cinema. When motion pictures became really big business and studios became almost factory-like after World War I, female directors did not fare so well). The self-centered Arnold St. Clair (Albert S. Howson) has married the wealthy Adeline (Naomi Childers), completely discounting the woman he had wronged, Myra (Clio Ayres). Myra marries Hugh Roland (Antonio Moreno), who owns a newspaper. Only Mark Stratton (Templar Saxe) knows of Myra's past. Stratton has a worthless mine and plans to sell it to the city, but when he tells St. Clair of his plans, St. Clair believes the deal is honest. He tells Roland about it, and he is enthusiastic. When St. Clair learns that the deal is crooked, Stratton threatens him into silence. The mine fails and Roland is accused of fraud. St. Clair kills Stratton and Roland learns of St. Clair's relations with Myra. St. Clair tries to pin Stratton's murder on someone else, but nevertheless the detectives close in on him.