Devil's Garden (1920)

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William Dale (Lionel Barrymore), a servant for Lord Barradine (H. Cooper Cliffe), marries Mavis, a maid (Doris Rankin, Barrymore's real-life wife). Dale wants to move up in life, and with Lord Barradine's influence, becomes district postmaster. When he vents his anger at a soldier however, Dale is in danger of losing his job. Mavis goes to Barradine for help, which he promises providing she give in to him. She does, and Dale's job is saved. But he finds out that Barradine compromised his wife, and he kills him. Although Dale gets away with the murder, it haunts him for the rest of his life. Years later, a young girl, Norah (May McAvoy), comes to live with the Dales, and he finds himself lusting after her. He realizes he's no better than the man he murdered, so he sacrifices himself by saving some little girls from a burning orphan asylum founded by Barradine. This picture was adapted from the story by W. B. Maxwell.