Devil's Dynamite (1987)

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Fans of martial arts fare know that the genre harbors a lot of junk. That said, Devil's Dynamite truly represents the bottom of the barrel. Simply put, this low-budget mishmash combines most of the footage from a melodramatic, gambling-oriented crime thriller with lousy new footage that unconvincingly grafts a subplot about hopping vampires on to the main story. Tomas Tang (the "producer" behind this mess) used the same technique with Robo Vampire, but at least that film was strange and comic book-ish enough to make the mix-and-match filmmaking technique somewhat amusing. Here, the addition of the hopping vampires makes no sense on any level and turns an already dull, poorly dubbed film into something even more annoying. One might also question why this cinematic car accident has been dubbed Devil's Dynamite, but expecting logic with a production like this is beside the point. Ultimately, the only use for Devil's Dynamite is as an endurance test for masochist B-movie fans.