Devil's Bait (1917)

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Two good friends, Dr. Royal Sheldon (William Conklin) and Jason Davies (Edward J. Brady), go on vacation to Mandalay, where they just miss being buried in a landslide at the ruby mines. They find a large jewel in the hand of a dead miner, and their friendship ends over who gets it. Ultimately, Sheldon threatens to throw Davies off a cliff, so Davies gives him the jewel -- and his undying hatred. Years later, he steals Sheldon's wife away, and the wife just happens to have possession of the ruby. But this isn't revenge enough; when the doctor's daughter, Doris (Ruth Roland), reaches maturity, Davies also tempts her with jewels. But he's discovered before he can carry out his wicked scheme and is pursued to a cliff, where he jumps off. The evil ruby is thrown in after him. This is another poorly-made effort by the low budget Balboa film company