Determination (1922)

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This independently made drama ran a tiresome 11 reels (in the days when most films ran half that length), but was edited down to a more reasonable eight. The will of Whitechapel banker John Morton designates that his twin sons should be kept unaware of their true identities until they are 30 years old. When the sons reach adulthood, John Jr. becomes a missionary, while James becomes a playboy (both roles are played by Alpheus Lincoln). While performing charity work, heiress Frances Lloyd (Gene Burnell) is tricked into a robbers' den, and John comes to her rescue. The couple fall in love, but Lord Warburton, a criminal mastermind (Walter Ringham), wants her for himself. He convinces Frances that John is not the upstanding young man he seems to be -- and when she learns of his brother's scandalous behavior, she thinks her lover is responsible. Eventually everything is straightened out, and not only does John marry Frances, James wins his girl, a reformed thief by the name of Luckey (Irene Tams).



damsel-in-distress, gangster, love, party-animal, playboy, rescue, romance, twins