Demoness From Thousand Years (1990)

Run Time - 88 min.  |   Countries - United States   |   MPAA Rating - NR
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Hong Kong filmmaker Cheng Wing-chiu directed this low-budget comic fantasy featuring popular Asian pinup queen Joey Wang as a beautiful fairy named Yun Yu-yi. The fairy's master is killed by the wicked and powerful titular demoness in the film's prologue, set a thousand years in the past. Yu-yi steals the powerful Bead of Hell and escapes, followed by the angry demoness. The major action of the film takes place in the present, where Yu-yi meets a police officer with the unlikely name of Fat Mambo (Jacky Cheung), who happens to have a birthmark on his arm -- the Mark of Buddha -- which can keep the demoness at bay. Mambo's friend mistakenly believes Yu-yi to be evil and asks his Taoist priest master to drive her away, but they end up saving the frightened fairy when the monster comes after her. Mambo has the Mark of Buddha sliced off his arm by one of his co-workers, who has been enchanted by the demoness, but the priest details another way to stop the evil creature. The Bead of Hell, which Yu-yi stole in the film's opening, must be joined with the Heaven's Sun Bead. The major obstacle to this plan is that the Heaven's Sun Bead is inside Mambo, and can't be released without killing him. Gloria Yip co-stars in this slow-moving but amiable fantasy with Andy Hui and Hsiao Hou.