Deja Vu (2001)

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Isolation and fear are the themes of Deja Vu, a film set on a remote island where the keeper of a lighthouse lives on the perpetual border of a nervous breakdown. When a powerful storm cuts off his supplies from the mainland, the keeper is forced to eat pages from his diary while he waits on the shore, listening to garbled radio messages. As the waves pound the island, a man is washed up from the sea. The keeper brings the stranger back to the lighthouse and cares him, but senses that something is not right. The stranger is mute and brutish, sporting the tattoos of a convict. The keeper's suspicions are confirmed when he receives a radio message warning him that a prisoner has escaped from a transport ship during the storm. The keeper must now make the choice of killing the stranger, before he himself is killed. Deja Vu is the first feature-length film of Indian director Biju Viswanath whose previous works are a series of prizewinning shorts for Indian television.