Deep Blood (1989)

Genres - Horror  |   Sub-Genres - Natural Horror  |   Countries - Italy  |  
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Deep Blood easily represents the most bland of all the Italian Jaws rip-offs. Joe D'Amato, never a director too concerned with quality, delivers a ho-hum shark picture filled with miles of stock footage and a plot that only sounds like junky fun on paper. The idea of an evil Native American spirit shark is admittedly over the top, but the way D'Amato plods things along tends to seep all of the ridiculousness out of it. It doesn't help that no fake shark was ever created for the production, thus the kills are made up of quickly cut together stock shots of a fin, some teeth, and maybe some intercut full-bodied shots of the deadly fish swimming around in murky waters. Despite its tedium, Deep Blood does feature a few lines of bad brilliance from a bevy of extraordinary B-movie actors. It's also, quite possibly, the only shark film that actually feels like an Afterschool Special, which in itself adds a bit to the flick's bottom line. If it wasn't hampered by such a god-awful bore of a finale, Deep Blood would be a bit more delectable, though even then, there isn't much in the flick that would garner a recommendation besides the chance to see all the footage that another Italian director would later steal for his own Jaws clone, namely Bruno Mattei's hilarious exercise in awful, Cruel Jaws.