Debt (1917)

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Baron Moreno (T. Jerome Lawlor) and Ann (Marjorie Rambeau), a countess, are celebrating their engagement when it is discovered that the mine which all the villagers have invested in is worthless. Ann's father, the Count (Henry Warwick) was the one who encouraged everyone to invest, so he commits suicide. The Baron, predictably, dumps Ann. John Slater, the American who backed the mine (Paul Everton) promises to make good on the debt, and so does Ann. They marry and go to America to work and pay off the money. They have a child (Nadia Gary), but their happiness is ruined by John's jealous mother (Anne Sutherland). The Baron comes to the States in search of Ann and forces his attentions on her. John's mother reports this back to her son, and he throws her out of the house. The child becomes ill and the doctor says that only her mother's presence will make her well again, so John hunts down Ann for a reconciliation. He finds her about to marry the Baron, and the two men fight, resulting in the death of both of them. Ann fetches the child and returns home. There she is reunited with a minister back home who loved her all along.