Death Dance (1918)

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Even though Cynthia Maitland (Helen Montrose) throws wild parties and is having an affair with Boresky (Robert Cain), a cabaret dancer, her husband Arnold (H.E. Herbert) won't divorce her. He does go to the cabaret, however, intending to confront Boresky, who doesn't appear. But after a few glasses of wine, Maitland makes a cynical wager with his friend that every woman has her price. His friend suggests that he try dancer Flora Farnsworth (the film's star, Alice Brady, finally making her appearance), and Maitland puts her up in a nice apartment and pays for her singing lessons. Still, she won't succumb to him, and his admiration for her turns to love. He makes arrangements to desert his wife so that she will divorce him and he can marry Flora. But as he is about to depart, he is fatally wounded in a car crash. Before dying, however, he hands Flora evidence of his wife's unfaithfulness. Flora then becomes involved with Maitland's partner, Philip Standish (Mahlon Hamilton), who proposes marriage. Cynthia Maitland, who has discovered the wager and Flora's bills among her dead husband's effects, visits Flora and threatens her with exposure. Flora in turn brandishes the evidence of Cynthia's infidelity. Boresky has been dancing with Flora and is angry with her because her marriage will break up the act; with encouragement from Cynthia, he plans to replace the fake dagger in their dance with a real one that night. But before he can kill Flora, he is stopped by Standish. Defeated, Boresky stabs himself. This convoluted picture didn't do much for Alice Brady's film career.