Dead Alive (1916)

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After gambling all his money away, Old Jim (James Levering) goes to work at the establishment of Doc Ardini (Henry W. Pemberton). Jim's twin daughters, Jessie and Mary (both played by Marguerite Courtot) come to the city to take care of him without knowing his dishonest profession. Jessie goes to work at a department store, and Mary becomes a chorus girl. Millionaire William Stuyvesant (Sydney Mason) falls in love with Jessie and proposes. But just then Ardini's gambling hall is raided and Old Jim kills a man and is arrested. Because of her father, Jessie turns down Stuyvesant, but won't explain why. Stuyvesant, however, tracks her down and convinces her to marry him. Old Jim goes to prison under an assumed name and Ardini is jailed for three months. When he gets out, Ardini is in need of funds, so he gets Mary under his hypnotic power and has her blackmail her sister. Soon after, Jessie dies in an accident and Ardini approaches the grieving Stuyvesant with the claim that he has the power to show him his dead wife. Stuyvesant, ignorant of Mary's existence, agrees. They go to his country place, which Ardini plans to rob, but Mary can't stand the thought of tricking Stuyvesant and tells all. Stuyvesant comes to love Mary, and she becomes his second wife.