Daughters of the Night (1924)

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Although the title to this melodrama smacks of sensation, it actually refers to telephone operators who work the night shift. Betty Blair (Alyce Mills) goes to New York to receive training as an operator, and then returns home to Midvale where she goes to work. Her aunt wants her to marry a wealthy but crooked lawyer, Kilmaster (Warner Richmond). Betty's life takes a different turn when two brothers, Billy and Jimmy Roberts (Orville Caldwell and Henry Sands), come to town. They have been kicked out of their parents' home because of their reckless behavior. Billy has decided to straighten up and he gets a job as a telephone lineman. Jimmy, however, remains with his old friends, a gang of crooks. Betty and Billy fall in love, while Jimmy and his gang plan to rob the Midvale bank. Jimmy dashes into the telephone building after doing the job, but a fire breaks out and he is trapped. The crooks have cut the telephone wires, but Betty remains in the building until Billy repairs the wires so that an alarm can go out. The gang is captured and Billy rescues Betty, earning his parents' approval.