Daughter of the West (1918)

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This picture takes silent child star (Baby Marie Osborne) to the old West. Stella Gordon (Marion Warren) leaves her husband Ralph (Frank Whitson) and child, June (Baby Marie) for the flimsy promises offered by the wicked Standish (Morris Foster). So Ralph heads for the town of Hell's Gulch with June and her companion, a little African-American boy (who never got credited in Baby Marie's films but whose amusing performances often overshadowed Marie's). There, Gordon finds out that his wife has died and be begins a romance with Sarah Malcomb (Leota Lorraine). He's also made sheriff of the town and is on the trail of outlaw Rawhide Pete (William Quinn). Standish comes to town, sweet talks Sarah and joins forces with outlaw Pete. In a battle between the good guys and the bad guys, June and her little friend manage to lock Pete in jail after he's been wounded. Sarah is ready to elope with Standish but, in a fit of conscience, he admits that Ralph is the better man. So she returns to Ralph and he has a mother for June once again. There was too much action here and not enough of Baby Marie for her fans.