Daughter of France (1918)

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Louise de Ciron (Virginia Pearson) is a patriotic French girl who refuses to leave her home when the Germans invade during the thick of World War I. Her chateau becomes the German headquarters and the two commanding officers, Rudolph von Knorr (Hugh Thompson) and Fritz von Meyring (Herbert Evans) both lust after her. Rudolph corners Louise in a room at an inn but has a sudden change of consciousness and leaves. Fritz, however, has no such qualms about attacking her, and Rudolph kills him. Louise, who still isn't sure that Rudolph is sincere, stabs him. Another officer commands that she be executed, but Rudolph talks him out of it. Finally Louise comes to believe in Rudolph and she convinces him to defect. They escape to unoccupied France, where Rudolph suddenly reveals he was a member of the French Secret Service the whole time. This revelation is so abrupt that it seems to have been tagged on after the picture was finished.