Das Geheimnis Meines Vaters (1981)

Run Time - 48 min.  |   Countries - West Germany  |  
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A charming children's picture touching on adult problems as well, Das Geheimnis Meines Vaters is about a 10-year-old boy who has been trying for a long time to get his father to fix his bicycle, but each time his father comes home from work, he is too irritated and too tired to deal with that issue. Curious as to why his father has this kind of a problem, the little boy asks him about it. His father explains that there are no stringers on the assembly line where he works at the factory (a stringer is someone who will relieve the worker so he or she can make a quick bathroom run). Not understanding what a stringer is, after all, the boy decides to sneak into the factory one day and find out the whole story for himself. He accomplishes that goal by hiding away in a truck going into the factory compound and then getting inside from there. While he is on his way to finding his father, he slips into a tour group of students to make his way unnoticed -- and guided -- through the plant. As he tags along on this tour, the leader explains to everyone what a stringer is, and the boy shouts out that the assembly line does not even have a stringer. That impulse gets him discovered, and he is sent to be questioned by the bosses. Once he is in the room with a boss who is trying to find out how he got into the factory and who he is, the boy grabs a key, locks the door, and then throws the key out the window. Before long, the boss has to use the bathroom -- which sets the boy off on his own lecture about the assembly-line workers. When the door is opened from the outside at last, the boy manages to sneak away while the boss is in the bathroom. Just as the boy is about to leave the factory, his father appears with a legal visitor's badge for him and a definite intention to fix that bike when they get home.



against-the-system, business, child, corruption, employer/employee, father, rights