Darkest Hour (1920)

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Peter Schuyler (Harry T. Morey) is a wealthy young man who is surprised when one of his female friends declares her love for him. The truth is she actually loves someone else, she only wants to marry Schuyler for his money, and then divorce him for a large settlement. Schuyler does not give the girl much encouragement and that night he is attacked by robbers. One of them strikes him on the head with a blackjack, and when he comes to, he has completely lost his memory. He can't even remember his name. As John Doe he heads up north to a lumber camp, where he goes to work. He meets pretty Justine Bouvier (Jean Page), the niece of his boss, Joe Bouvier (Robert Gaillard). Bouvier turns out to be crooked and he is ordered to leave the lumber camp. Justine stays behind, at Schuyler's request, and they marry. Bouvier gets into a fight with Schuyler, who is hit on the head once again. When he comes to, he remembers nothing of his life as John Doe and heads back to New York. The designing woman back home tries to claim he married her while his memory was gone and a dishonest justice of the peace is pulled into the bargain. Justine shows up in New York, Schuyler remembers marrying her, and all is well.